Billy Coulon and the whole Evergreen crew have created an original way of designing and building skateparks. Thunder Park is one of the coolest designs I’ve ever seen and Evergreen is putting such an amazing finish on it, I think it’s the best park in the state.
— Jeff Ament, Pearl Jam

I cannot over-recommend this team. Every worker is as skilled and experienced as one can find in the industry. They give their level best and are loyal to the company and the project to the max. The entire team works together and stays together. Witnessing them design and build a skatepark is like discovering a conductor who creates perfectly harmonious music. Hire them. Go with them. Trust in them. You won’t be sorry with Evergreen.
— Marley Porter, Living Architecture- Johnson City, Texas Skatepark

As a skatepark group we are responsible to the users, and Evergreen did not let our park users down. They made the construction process easy, they were on time and on budget. Above that though is the simple fact that I can go to our park any day and hear the users comments like “this is the best park I’ve ever ridden.” When I go and ride the Coeur d’Alene skatepark it’s like every little detail was thought of. I know now why the other towns gushed compliments about the parks they
build and how they build them. We feel like we are part of a family of towns that get to have an Evergreen skatepark. Come ride ours and I guarantee you will want your own.
— Nathan Baker, North Idaho Skatepark Association

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Evergreen Skateparks and their crew on the newest and greatest skatepark in Frisco, Colorado. I worked with both Billy and Catherine for about a total of one year from the time we put out the RFP until the skatepark was done. They are absolutely wonderful to work with – they communicate exceptionally well, they listen, and they deliver a fantastic product. On three separate occasions, we hosted community open houses to solicit feedback from the community. Billy was present at all sessions – he listened, he offered feedback, and he kept the dialogue open with the community. He was onsite working side by side with his crew and readily available to answer questions and media inquiries. They have a team of employees who are professional and committed to working hard to get the job done. They finished up the project on time and within budget – and we couldn’t be more pleased.
— Diane McBride - Town Manager, Frisco, Colorado

The reason I chose Evergreen was based on their experience, guarantee, their enthusiasm and the clarity of their specifications. I visited the park regularly during its entire evolvement from a fairly flat grassy area to its completion. It was a very interesting and satisfying experience as the park took shape and evolved as a work in progress to a sculptural element that is a wonder to behold. I am an architect and a lover of beauitful and sculptural creations. The creation of the park Evergreen provided still pleases me each time I visit it. It is not only a visual success but also an athletic one being in constant use and praised by users of all levels of expertise and is truly an element of pride for the city of Sterling Heights.
— Sam Dorchen, Dorchen/Martin & Associates, Inc. Sterling Heights, Michigan Skatepark- winner of the 2017 most innovative concrete project in the state of Michigan
Sterling Heights, Michigan Skatepark . Winner of the 2017 Most Innovative Concrete Project in the State of Michigan.

Sterling Heights, Michigan Skatepark. Winner of the 2017 Most Innovative Concrete Project in the State of Michigan.

"The crew at Evergreen are building hands down some of the highest quality and most user-friendly skateparks in the world. They have a real talent for quality concrete construction and they put out the extra effort to pay attention to details and finishing touches. Along with quality construction their strongest skills lie in skatepark design. Evergreen can take any amount of space and any budget and make something that is fun to skate for anyone but still exciting for more experienced skaters. The owners and crew at Evergreen have a real love for skating and it shows in the products that they are producing. They are also genuinely great people that are very easy to work with and maintain a very positive attitude at all times. Evergreen would be my number one choice for any skatepark or concrete project."

- Jeremy Matherly, Counselor at High Cascade Snowboard Camp

"A mere 'Thank You' does not seem adequate to express our gratitude for the work performed in Milliken this past spring. Our new Skatepark is fantastic! The Milliken Skate Park is a true collaboration between local school children, their principals, Town staff, the Board of the Great Outdoors Colorado and Evergreen Skateparks. Evergreen Skateparks listened to what the Milliken Skate Park leadership team wanted in their park, took the children on a field trip to determine their skill levels, engaged the community during their stay, and delivered a bigger than expected park. All right on budget and more than one month ahead of schedule. A secondary benefit to your design and construction is that our little Town is now a destination."

- Anne Johnson, Community Development Director, Town of Milliken, Colorado

"Evergreen Skateparks, from the very beginning, acted with nothing but class & professionalism. They provided the City of Belding with a current, innovative, and visually appealing design. Once construction began the Evergreen Skateparks crew never stopped. Both children and adults gave several compliments during the construction about how clean the crew kept their site, as well as how professional, courteous, and personable the crew was to the public. The best decision the City of Belding and Skate Belding made was to choose Evergreen Skateparks."

- Roger Willis, Chair of the Skate Belding Committee

"Everything with our project worked out incredibly well because Evergreen is such a phenomenal company. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of your work or the professionalism of your employees. Besides that, you are all really great people who we were very happy to meet! The skaters here are ecstatic and enjoying the park in large numbers.  As I’m sure you can imagine, not everyone at Epworth thought that being home to a skate park was a great idea. Between the aesthetic appeal of the park and the number of kids who are enjoying it, I think that we’ve won over a lot of people. I’m so glad that we connected with your company. All of you seem to be following a heartfelt calling. I’m happy for you and how fulfilled you must be by your work,  stressful though it must be at times. You leave behind you incredible places that provide hours of joy and countless friendships forged."

- Susan Selph - Skate Epworth, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

"Evergreen built our skate park and it was completed with a high degree of quality and earlier than scheduled. The entire crew is very personable and the love of skate boarding and building skate parks was evident through their complete dedication to our project. We couldn't have asked for a better crew to complete our project. It is the best skate park in the area!"

- Greg Gola, Director of Parks & Recreation at Village of Villa Park

"Evergreen Skateparks spent a considerable amount of time up front working with myself, the town’s skateboard instructor, and citizen project volunteers getting to know and understand the design issues to guarantee success of our project. The outcome was a cohesive partnership between the contractor and Town, fostered by excellent communication and close collaboration.  This allowed the skatepark to be built on schedule and under budget, not sacrificing quality, and meeting the goals of the local skateboarding community."

- Jeff Jackel, Recreation Director - Town of Carbondale, CO.


"Unfortunately, most of the skateparks built every year are not built by artisanal skatepark companies like Evergreen. “Artisanal?” It sucks to have to use that word, because all skateparks, like food, should be handmade, but unfortunately, most are built by companies using pre-fabricated construction. They’re cookie cutter skateparks that don’t adequately address the needs of the community or the location and design of the site. ... If your city is planning to build a skatepark, I would recommend you insist they consider a proposal/bid from a company like Evergreen that is going to put their heart and soul into every park they build. A unique handmade skatepark creation is far better for your scene than a generic skatepark that’s built off site, shipped in, and arranged on a slab."

- Dave Carnie, The Skateboard Mag

"The finest craftsmen in the skatepark business. I hired them to build my skateboard bowl and they met the timeline, budget and exceeded my expectations on the finished project. The Evergreen crew will give 110% to ensuring you end up with a superior design and finished product."

- Gavin Pierce, owner of private bowl

"Throughout the construction period of our skatepark in Villa Park, Illinois Evergreen Skateparks was very professional and a pleasure to work with. Their work ethic and passions for building great skateparks shows in their work. They pay great attention to details and went out of their way to help us build our dream skatepark. I highly recommended Evergreen Skateparks."

- Paulina Jimenez, Villa Park Skatepark Committee Chair

"Cashmere highly recommends Evergreen Skateparks because they were very professional and they understood the importance of the community input for the design, and their work was clean, on schedule and within budget."

- Mark Botello, Cashmere, Washington Director of Planning & Building


"Wow! What a company to work with! Billy and Catherine make Park and Rec. administrators' jobs easy. Thanks for putting Watertown, SD on the map for skateboarding enthusiasts!"

- Terry Kelly - Watertown, South Dakota Parks & Recreation Director