Design / Build Services 

Evergreen Skateparks is committed to creating skateparks in an efficient, professional, and cost-effective manner that is catered to the needs and scope of the community that we are servicing. We enjoy working to form a cohesive partnership during the design phase and we see the construction process through from the day we break ground until the last day of clean up. Our skateparks are completely turn-key. We work on everything from the backyard bowl to large scale city skateparks and plazas.

Taylor, Texas Skatepark 

Taylor, Texas Skatepark 

Some of the services we offer: 

  • Skate park construction from start to finish
  • Design consultation/public design meetings
  • Computer rendered designs
  • Engineered construction documents
  • Excavation of the jobsite
  • Drainage and/or plumbing installation
  • Steel fabrication & welding
  • Grading & compaction
  • Form setting
  • Rebar installation & tying
  • All concrete shaping & finishing of the entire park, including flat work
  • Detail work: caulking, painting, sealing, clean up 
  • Skatepark repair & maintenance

It's not easy to build the best or most optimal skateparks. It takes experience, dedication & the utmost care. This is a challenge the Evergreen crew is prepared for & ready to tackle in any situation.