Repairs & Maintenance

One of the principal benefits of building a concrete skatepark is that it is built to last and once the park is completed the costs are generally very minimal. However, adhering to some basic principles of repairs and maintenance can prolong the integrity of the skatepark and keep it safe. Having a quality concrete skatepark built is a huge investment and one that is worth preserving.  A little maintenance can really go a long way.

Sealing the park on an annual basis with a concrete sealer will protect the park and keep the surface smooth. We have a specific sealer that we use that is tried and true. It protects the finish without making it too slick for skating. Once the finish of the park is compromised, it can no longer be restored so it is very important that the concrete is sealed annually.  

It is inevitable that pool coping will need maintenance as grout lines wear out and pool blocks sometimes come loose but that is something we can repair. We can also patch or fix any chips or holes in the concrete.


We're here to help 

Evergreen Skateparks can be of service for any maintenance or repair needs for existing skateparks. As skatepark craftsmen we generally know the best tactics for repairing and restoring skateparks. Give us a call or email if your park is in need of repairs, maintenance or for an annual sealing.