Once again we find ourselves in late March - the snow beginning to thaw in some places and steadily continuing in others (cough, Montana). The crew put in their hours this Winter in both the frigid North & the balmy South & we’re stoked to share the new projects with you!


During the beginning of the Winter, the crew battled snowstorms yet enjoyed spectacular views finishing up the most recent supplement to the Bitterroot skate scene: Hamilton. Chock-full of flowing transition, unique shapes, a ‘street path’, a Sarlacc pit appearance and an Egg bowl addition, this skatepark has something for everyone. Soon the snow will melt & waves will be yours to ride.

After we wrapped up Hamilton, the boys headed South to work on a little project in Missouri City, Texas near Southwest Houston.

While that project was in progress, part of the group made their way up to Idalou, outside of Lubbock, Texas. Their time in the pan handle was filled with sporadic weather, street skating & transforming a defunct tennis court into a decently-sized skatepark on a modest budget.


The efforts continued on in the Lone Star State as some of the crew ventured to sunny Sarasota, Florida to complete some repairs on their existing skatepark.


Finally, we’re ringing in the Spring by adding some awesomeness to the already beloved Darby Skatepark.

Keep an eye out for where we’ll be brining new skateparks to this Spring & Summer!

Nicole McNulty