Fall 2014 Happenings

It's been a busy fall for us with two projects going on simultaneously in two of the most amazing locations we could ask for: the Blackfeet reservation in Browning, Montana and our hometown of Portland, Oregon.

ABOVE: Jeff Ament with Billy, Noot & friends on site in Browning, Montana

ABOVE: Jeff Ament with Billy, Noot & friends on site in Browning, Montana

The Blackfeet Skatepark, or "Thunder Park" as we are also calling it has been an absolutely amazing project. The park features a "Big-O Capsule" replica from the Orange County Skatepark from the 70's as well as a huge flowy, lunar landscape park filled with snaking pump bumps, hips and lines for days. We have just a little over a week of work until completion and we've been able to take some test runs as the park comes together. The crew feels it is our best work yet and we can thank Pearl Jams bassist Jeff Ament for funding this project and creating an amazing opportunity for us to truly utilize our creative freedom. Here's a few shots from construction:

Upon completion of the Blackfeet Skatepark our crew will head back to Portland to finish the NE 52nd & Alberta Skatepark. We are very excited to build in our home town. This park is small at just around 3,000 square feet but will be fun & flowy. Here's a few shots from construction:

We would like to thank all of the amazing people who help make these skatepark projects a reality and especially the dedicated and hardworking crew we've had on hand this fall:

Jasper Kahn, Justin McDowell, Richie Conklin, Jesse Clayton, Brandon Chrisjohn, Tavita Scanlan, Sloan Palder, Michael Flint, Tony Johnson, & Jack Marsh