Benefits of Design / Build

Concrete Skatepark Building is an incredibly specialized trade. The design, shaping, placement and finishing all require precise alignment and craftsmanship in order for the park to work functionally. To reach the higher echelon of a world class skatepark, the builders must have the keen eye that only a skateboarder combined with craftsman can achieve. When the same firm is responsible for both the design and the construction,


it ensures that no small detail will be overlooked and the final product will be both cohesive and flowing. This also allows for any changes or adaptations to be made in the field if necessary to make sure the park works in its entirety. Having both the design and build responsibility lie with one point of contact allows for a streamlined, holistic process that has been proven to consistently have the best outcome for skatepark construction.

Evergreen Skateparks spent a considerable amount of time up front working with myself, the town’s skateboard instructor, and citizen project volunteers getting to know and understand the design issues to guarantee success of our project. The outcome was a cohesive partnership between the contractor and Town, fostered by excellent communication and close collaboration. This allowed the skatepark to be built on schedule and under budget, not sacrificing quality, and meeting the goals of the local skateboarding community.
— - Jeff Jackel, Town of Carbondale, Colorado

*Evergreen Skateparks is licensed, bonded, & insured. OR. CCB #194960*